Comments On Pages Reopened – SEO Refit

As some of you may have noticed I’ve been reorganising my blog. Overall I’m looking for an easier to navigate more professional look and feel to my blog. I closed comments a while back on my about page as it was getting ridiculously long. The new home page had comments closed from the start. I’ve opened them both for commenting for a period, see how it goes 😉

I’ve added some category pages which give a list of up to 100 of the latest posts with featured images. I’ve done this as I felt the previous organisation was a little difficult to navigate, and the category pages on this theme are crap.

Along with some other modifications this will all help with my SEO … the constant battle with the Google-bots, one day I hope to win … LOL !

I did consider changing my theme. To be honest I can’t seem to find one I like more. My current theme has it’s drawbacks and is a retired theme … But how to find something better that ticks all my boxes? So I’m keeping the theme WordPress gave me when I opened the blog, Titan, yay!. If I’m honest I’m a little attached to it now.

I’m still reorganising my blog’s pages and some of the graphic design, will be finished soon (or as finished as a blog ever is !)  🙂

Warm regards

Don Charisma

18 thoughts on “Comments On Pages Reopened – SEO Refit

  1. Taking shape nicely! Well done! (I hear on getting attached to theme)
    Golly Don – I could pick your brain for hours! lol! (Don’t fear dear sir – I shall not do so 😉 )

    1. Thanks hun, we’re working on my commerical site at the same time, so comments are slow to respond … I have a small nugget for you on email, will send when i get a chance 🙂

      1. Bless you dear ~ Yeha – I can imagine doing a site overhaul is more work than building a freaking house really 😉

        No luck with system restore sadly :/
        Weird shit going on – beginning to wonder if my comp has not been compromised somehow – about to go google mad again (SUCH a waste of time! Damn these people who do this nonsense!)

        Laters dude 😉

      2. ps there’s another one I’ve heard of called malwarebytes, I think they are respectable and might solve your problem … this is what I see on google –

        hope it helps 🙂


      3. Don – you are my hero!! I look and look and think -‘Oh great need to install somethin I dont know to remove something I dont know’ uggghhhg – never know WHAT is a scam and what not hey.
        Live and learn I guess 😉
        (And have clever people being kind 😀 )
        It only seems to be affecting my wordpress sight – which is weirder still.
        NOW YOU – go do the things you are s’posed be doing! 😀
        Much appreciated!

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