Beach Sunset 1L

Beach Sunset – Perfect :)

This has to be one of my favourite sunsets of all time.

It was the first shot when I hit the beach yesterday (there are more to come). It looks stunning straight off the iPhone. I’ve added a couple of little tweaks to bring out the colours, the original was a little too warm, auto-tone cooled it nicely. BUT simply no point in going overboard with this one, it’s something very special 🙂

The lens flare off of the sun, well, it’s as it came off the camera … Celestial awesomeness, just heavenly … Beach Sunset 1L Beach Sunset 1L

Photos taken in Thailand (c) Don Charisma 2013

83 thoughts on “Beach Sunset – Perfect :)

  1. Looks as you have been busy , my friend. Happy for you ! I am sad for Angie who seems to have dropped from the blog. Mark has not heard from her either. She was so sweet and enjoyed the interaction!

    1. Hey Anne … and yes, keeping busy on the blog, will be so for the foreseeable …

      I had an email from Angie saying she’d be locked out of her blog and WordPress had refused to help … I did think about starting a petition, but literally just didn’t get the chance … also she didn’t reply to my last email …

      Warm regards


    1. Thanks, and I’m very pleased with this one 🙂 … A like or a comment is the same for me, just means someone took the time to show appreciation which is what matters …

      warm regards


      1. 🙂 thanks, then I guess I must be doing something right … comment and like as and when you want, for me just happy to see a friendly face once in while …

  2. I love that your photos are from your iPhone. I haven’t mastered that skill. You do a wonderful job. Also, I am working on mastering post processing. I think I’m holding myself back, and I just have to go for it. One thing…if you work with a copy, your original is always there to do something else with. Thanks for the inspiration to get back to my photography.

  3. I love it Don!! It’s my favorite of the ones I’ve seen of yours so far too. The reflection cast across the water and on the sand, not to mention the sun going behind the clouds casting the rays….it’s beautiful!! Nice job!

  4. You must be on the west coast. I love the beach! Have lived along the MIssissippi Gulf coast and the North Carolina Atlantic coast. That one is just gorgeous!

  5. Thank you so much for the likes on my stuff. I really appreciate it! And I feel honored each time because yours is one of my favorite blogs. This sunset picture makes my day better. Thanks again.

    1. Ah yes the western winter … used to enjoy it as a kid, but grows tiresome with age … it’s been quite reasonable here, not too hot or could be that I’m just acclimatised …

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