Cafe Rouge Greenwich iPhone Pano

Cafe Rouge, Greenwich

Cafe Rouge has a corner premises in Greenwich. I tried taking a one-shot landscape, but just doesn’t look as good as the panorama to me ! Cafe Rouge Greenwich iPhone Pano Cafe Rouge Greenwich iPhone Pano

Taken in London (c) Don Charisma 2014

29 thoughts on “Cafe Rouge, Greenwich

  1. nice to get this image. i plan to visit England next yr and this is one area I def hope to visit. Thank you bunches!

  2. It’s funny – every time you mention Greenwich, it reminds me of my mother telling me how they’d sit in the air raid shelter at the end of their garden, they’d here the doodlebug engine cut out, and prayed it wouldn’t hit them as the doodlebugs were silent once they began their descent. But all the doodlebugs were aimed at Greenwich so my mum and her family survived okay.

    1. Thanks, that’s a new story for me … I know there’s a fenced off area with a locked gate in the park. I managed to squeeze through somewhere … there’s a large metal locked door on top of an enormous mound … I was wondering if it was some kind of air-raid shelter, but never got round to looking it up … next time I’m back it’s summer, so I’ll try and get some photos …

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