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Why Women In Combat Is An Awesome Idea – Don Charisma

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This is a bonus post from me the organiser of “Whose Blog is it Anyway” 🙂

I’ve personally drawn a lot of inspiration from AOpinionatedMan and his blog Harsh Reality. For me he’s a pioneer in blogging and a bit of hero. Persistent and incredibly hard working. Some like him, some don’t, that’s life.

My title is a spin of from one of his, not trying to compete, just a brilliant idea of his, and wanted to put the Don Charisma unique spin on it. Obviously it’s for fun and humour.

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Don Charisma

Why Women In Combat Is An Awesome Idea


I’m Don Charisma and my blog is I’ve done this post as an extra bonus, and because I’m still waiting for a few of my guests to send me their submissions 🙂

Discussion Pink Fighter Jets Pink Fighter Jets

Pink fighter jets. Heart shaped aircraft carriers with a mall, swimming pool, room service and a creche. Battleships with hair and beauty salon, nail bar and lot’s of little coffee shops and eateries. Shabby-chic decorated tanks. Sexy body gripping velour lined body armour, oh stop it, very sexy. AKs hand decorated with flower motifs. Huey helicopters with flirty pinks, aged brass and quirky animal prints.

Magpie-bling-grenades with sparkly diamonds.

Battleship gray and helicopter green are so last decade, and they so don’t match any of my dresses or shoes.

Ladies, I give you the feminine war machine of the future. Sexy Soldier Girl Sexy Soldier Girl

Us dudes can stay at home, sleep with your best friend who didn’t sign up or get drafted, drink beer and look after the kids, badly, because everyone knows dudes can hardly look after themselves.

The reality TV show opportunities are just awesome and endless. Us dudes could vote on who the best soldier-ettes are based on hair pulling, eye scratching and bitchily insulting the enemy-biatches skills. We could watch our soldier-ettes are going through their daily routine, from the comfort of our sofas. Cameras in the showers please! Sexy Soldier Girl 2 Sexy Soldier Girl 2

A front row seat to all of the battles. We could have slumber parties so we can chat with our boy’friends about our favourite soldier-ettes – Xena, Sarah-The-Conner, Princess-Leila, Mathilda, Trinity, Krystal, Elektra, Catwoman, Buffy, Foxy and of course Wonder-Woman. Endless hours of absorbing and stimulating conversation on their “relationships” and how they are “growing” as women, their struggles and challenges. Yummy !

Everyone knows women are better leaders and politicians, so fire all the generals, admirals, captains, master-chiefs etc and instate some ghetto biatches, far more ruthless than any dudes. Oprah Winfrey Oprah Winfrey

Oprah Winfrey for allied presidentess. Scrap the senate and parliament, TV talk shows instead of political debates. Jerry Springer for first “lady”.

The drones could drop copies of Elle, OK-Magazine, Vogue, Cosmo, Marie Clair, Hapers Bazar, and chic little friendship bracelets instead of bombs.

Hand to hand combat, think mud-wrestling, crochê-offs and knitting needle fights. In fact forget dirty smelly battlefields where nails can get broken and stockings laddered. Think fashion and competing for alpha-males. Military Fasion Military Fasion

Catwalk them enemy-biatches into submission. Then onto the nightclub and out-dress, out-talk, out-glamour, out-attitude those thieving enemy-biatches, how dare they think they can steal “my” alpha-males. End of the night, the winner is the lady who conned the most free drinks, got the most compliments, most photos taken, all without consummating on any promises.

No GPS or maps, just wind down the window of the tank or aircraft carrier and ask for directions… maps what an insane idea, which dumbass thought of that, must have been a man!

And as for interrogating spies, forget torture, send in the murderous pre-menstrual high on testosterone super-bitches for the worst kind of abuse and cruelty ever devised by womankind or mankind. So advanced in fact that don’t think days or weeks, think seconds and minutes, to break all but the most hardened spies.

Forget rape and pillage, think unite and conqueror. Build an open door “community” for those heathen enemy-biatches, edumacate ’em in the ways of “civilised” woman, whilst of course stealing all their natural resources and alpha-males.

So how about it ladies, fancy taking up the challenge ? Let lose your murderous rage out on those enemy-biatches and give us dudes a break ? Sexy Soldier Girl 3 Sexy Soldier Girl 3

Sounds perfect to me, all at no risk of loss of life and limb for us dudes, it’s a deal ladies, where do I sign !

Tongue-in-cheek-ily, sarcastically, ironically, a-little-bit-critically, humorously and definitely not-at-all-seriously,  yours sincerely,

Don Charisma


Hope you guys enjoyed, I had a lot of fun writing it. It’s one of those crazy ideas that comes to me when I’m out for my daily walk by the beach 🙂

BY doncharsma, blogger extraordinaire at the Don Charisma blog.

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26 thoughts on “Why Women In Combat Is An Awesome Idea – Don Charisma

  1. “It’s one of those crazy ideas that comes to me when I’m out for my daily walk by the beach”

    You really DO need to look at the interesting flotsam and jetsam that washes on the beach not to mention the sunset or sunrise depending on the direction the beach faces… oh and the pretty shells that wash up on each wave :)) lol. I trust you received my email btw

    1. Thanks Kerry-Anne:)

      Email received and you’re on the number 1 spot in about 15 minutes … just writing an intro for you and then check and double check …



      1. Good to know, but discretion is often the better part of valour, or so it’s said …

        My yahoo mail plays up sometimes, don’t know why, it’s crap I think !

  2. Erm, this is genius.

    “War” would literally be;

    “Um, excuse me, can I borrow some oil, please? We’re running really low over at our place!”

    “Sure! By the way, I love what you’ve done with your Harriers! I think the glitter really brings out the pilot’s eyes!”

    “Oh my gosh, thank you! Hey, why don’t you come over some time and I’ll show you how we clean the caked dirt off of our tank tracks?”

    “Ohhh I’ve been meaning to find out how you did that! Thanks!”

    1. You are so invited on my next challenge … “I think the glitter really brings out the pilot’s eyes!” still PMSL …

      That’s certainly brightened up my day …

      Warm regards


  3. He He He, very funny Don Charisma. I suppose, that we will get a more peaceful world in these way. At least without heavy weapons, only the ones, that women use as normal.

      1. Very early. I didn’t sleep too well last night and have been awake since 4am but on the computer since 5. It’s after 6 now.

  4. Just wait a cotton pickin’ second….who will pick up after you guys when we are gone battling on the front lines? Who will cook your food, pick up your shirts from the cleaners, and wait on you hand and foot with nicely painted nails? Count me in! LOL

  5. Wow! Thanks for taking all the heat off me, DC.

    I was going to get all serious and suggest that it’s a great idea, but only if we send all the hard-core feminists. You know – the ones who raged for women’s right to be in combat, but who themselves wouldn’t go within a country mile of a recruiting station.

    I refuse to publicly admit to LMAO at this politically incorrect post.

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