Thai Buddhist Temple JT Photoshop 4w-x-3h-P

Thai Temple Panoramas

Ok so I grabbed some photos of a couple of cocks at the Thai temple grounds, a bit of a sideshow really. The main event is this, a beautiful Thai temple. It was evening when I visited and it was locked up behind gates and walls. So what to do ?

Well this is where panorama and photo merging comes in handy. I took 12 photos through a metal frame gate to get this image. And guess what ? My girlfriend phones me up after taking 8 photos, so I have to stop answer the call, remember what I’ve already photographed, talk to her then resume taking all the photos to make the entire image.

I’ve made two “projections” one in Photoshop, one in PTGui Pro. For Photoshop I have a special tool called Altostorm Panorama Corrector 2, which I used to squash and warp the image a little to try to get a more photorealistic end result.

The image comprises 4 images wide by 3 high, portrait orientation. Please let me know which projection you prefer.

The temple is called “Wak Ka Ting Tong” in Thai. Thai Buddhist Temple JT Photoshop 4w-x-3h-P Thai Buddhist Temple JT Photoshop 4w-x-3h-P Thai Buddhist Temple JT PTGui 4w-x-3h-P Thai Buddhist Temple JT PTGui 4w-x-3h-P

Photos taken in Thailand (c) Don Charisma 2013

54 thoughts on “Thai Temple Panoramas

  1. I like the first one better…like one of the bloggers said the second one looks to tight and kind of dull. They are beautiful though 🙂

      1. You know I think its true…I have been commenting in blogs and answering comments and liking their posts and that is actually helping me…I had 10 new followers this week. Not a lot but its a great start and I have been getting likes on my posts lately. I am going to post about my trip to Texas! I just love blogging 🙂

      2. Well done, just keep on going, the followers mount up over time 🙂 Generally people will remember a friendly person, and it’s what gets me to visit other blogs. And don’t worry about the critics too much, ignore them if you can.

        Chances are I will do another WBIIA challenge and will be open for guests, you’d be welcome to apply if you’d like, might help to get some more people visit your blog. I will announce when we are ready.

        Warm regards


  2. I think the first picture looks a little better , both look good though. It’s a beautiful temple. I’d like to see more buildings like this here in the US.

      1. Love the food in Thailand! My favorites are Tom Kha kai soup, tom Kha Thale soup and pad Thai noodles. Their Thai pancakes are pretty good, too!

        I saw the wild nature once on National Geographic: it is very exotic and beautiful. There are these birds that make sounds like trains when they fly. I forget what they are called. The baby elephants are cute. Great you are enjoying yourself in Thailand. I loved it when I went. Have fun!

    1. Did annoy me a bit, and she was annoyed that I was annoyed, took me a while to explain why … by my thinking men can do one thing at a time well, and women can do multiple things together badly … so we’re not all that different really 🙂

      1. That´s a good response.

        They do say, or I heard, man focus on one thing therefore being better at that thing, women focus on multiple things therefore not putting all their energy and effort so they don´t reach our standards. We men rule, that´s the bottom line.

        P.S. Hope not a lot of female viewers read this.

  3. OH – hard – I like both for different reasons! I like the breadth of the first – but the angles of the goodies coming off the top seem a bit off – and I like the last because it almost has a ‘towering over one’ effect – and the sticky-up things are a better angle 😀 Cool work.

    1. Thanks, and yes the sticky-up things were a concern … having said this I went back and had another look and looked at a “normal” photo, and the sticky-up things are quite impressive in size … anyway, it’s fun and I learn something new on each project … and happy when people like them too 🙂 DC

      1. This is factual information we seek here Don!!
        If you want poetry than may I suggest ‘spindles-spires’ ?
        (good lord my mind is all over the place!!! LMAO!)
        Now excuse me – I am rather tied up with ‘something’ 😀
        Having a BLAST!!

    1. Yes definitely cocks, just a bit of humour on my part and yes perhaps a smart move, but Google insists on sending dodgy traffic, so as for smart move could go either way !

      1. Well I’ll admit I clicked to view your post because I wanted to comment that, then saw the post and loved it! Great tactic, I’d say! Now you’ll just have to accept all the pervs reading your blog. =P

    1. Yup, that one was a mission, and two projections out of different software, I have no idea how many hours … pleased with the result, and love the fact that I have the panorama skill set for getting impossible photos, I feel I’ve achieved something 🙂

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