The Now Hotel Night Panorama PTGui-5w-x-2h-P

The NOW Hotel, Streetscape, Night Panorama

This hotel I wouldn’t say is the most classy or upmarket. But certain has a striking design and walking past at night, with it’s neon glow, and a canary yellow sports car outside, well I couldn’t resist.

It’s an ideal candidate for panorama photography because my back is up against a wall behind me, and any further away and the shot is obscured. So I’m shooting from the best vantage point with a lens that doesn’t have a wide enough angle to capture the whole image. So I take 5 wide by 2 high portrait shots and join together back at the bat cave with PTGui Pro. Little bit of photoshop to bring out the colours and fine tune the contrast. Job done.

And very pleased I am with the job 🙂 I give you “The NOW Hotel” The Now Hotel Night Panorama PTGui-5w-x-2h-P The Now Hotel Night Panorama PTGui-5w-x-2h-P

Photos (c) Don Charisma, taken Thailand, Nov-2013

18 thoughts on “The NOW Hotel, Streetscape, Night Panorama

  1. Beautiful. I love those neon colors. The neon yellow car isn’t as bad as some neon green ones I’ve seen around here. Almost makes me want to change my favorite color.

    1. Not sure I have a favourite colour, I do like the primary colours Red, Blue, Green etc … if I had to choose a colour for a car, it’d likely be Red, bright flame red, and have a Ferrari badge. But unlikely to happen any time soon, so I don’t lose any sleep !

      1. Spring green is my fave, but like most really bright colors. Over here you would get a speeding ticket for a red car even if it was still parked in your drive. Something about them just screams “speeding” to the cops here.

      2. Yeah there is that, but if you have the money for a red sports car, you need more money to maintain it and pay the fines … just the way of life 🙂

      3. Have a brother who changes cars more often than he changes—-well, you get the idea. He’s had everything but a Jag, and that’s the one I always wanted. Hit a pothole when visiting one year and the engine fell out of his Porsche. When he got back to Fort Worth he traded it for American made.

  2. Sorry, me not can say “Thank you” for following my blog, that’s why germans with thai friends have BIG big problems with the “th”.

    So I say: Dengggggg juuuuuuuuuu!

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