Speedboat Bananaboat And Jetski

Speedboat, Bananaboat and Jetski

The speedboat really caught my eye, and even more striking out of the water than in due to the brightly coloured paint job. Really a very colourful photo, the Thais certainly are colourful at times ! Speedboat Bananaboat And Jetski Speedboat Bananaboat And Jetski

(c) Don Charisma, photos taken in Thailand, 2013

10 thoughts on “Speedboat, Bananaboat and Jetski

    1. Yes, very colourful photo … I really like the bits of coloured mirrors they put on the temples, really eye catching as I walk past, but almost impossible to show in a photo !

  1. Been missing you lately. Not on Word press any more? Got my phone line hooked back up, shoulder is beginning to hurt less, wanting huge bottle of Maker’s Mark to lessen the pain even more, and starting to blog again one finger at a time. So far this month has been a real bummer. Speaking of which, mine is getting numb and really sore from sitting on it so much. Need to get my walking boots out, then figure out a way to pull em on. Luv the pics. Where r u now?

    1. Still in the land of smiles, will be here for now, England is cold in December and the women are always 🙂

      I’ve fairly much stopped drinking alcohol, I was getting horrible hangovers, getting too old I think …

      Yes the walking is good, you not have a friendly neighbour can help ? I try to get out everyday for a long walk, it’s a constant battle with my waistline, and at the moment with the antibiotics for 2 months, it’s winning !

      1. Actually haven’t had alcohol since I had an “office party” when I was 19 and had to suffer the consequences the next day. Cold here too, but supposed to warm up and start raining tomorrow. Oh goody. I don’t have a waistline to worry about any more. Have to get my clothes from the children’s department now, and that’s not good. Still don’t know for sure about surgery. CAT scan on Monday to see if the one inch of missing bone is floating around in dangerous places or not. Hoping not, because pain is mostly gone and am typing with both hands again. Hate antibiotics. Hate pain pills. Hate all pills.

        Do have neighbors who check on me, and help with meals. Can’t reach stove top or microwave without food falling in lap. That smarts a bit when food is hot, and leaves mess on floor I can’t clean up yet. Going to have kids rearrange microwave and other shelves when they come in for Christmas/birthday next week. Yikes! Next week. Can’t believe it’s already that time. I’ll be a year younger, since I started counting backward when I was 49, so now much younger than my kids. Gives me a headache wondering how they got born before I was.

      2. So you’re a good god-fearing christrian, good for you … is it money or women that are the root of all evil, I can never remember which LOL

        Sorry to hear for your woes, hope you’re feeling a little better soon … I’m on antibiotics myself, have been about 5 weeks already, been hosp today, back Sunday, might have to have a surgery, but it’s very minor stuff, a cyst.

        Started counting backwards on age sometime ago, people ask me I just laugh, if they press me, I say how old do you think I am … working better each time I do it, quite fun actually 🙂

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