Sail Towerama PTGui

Copper Disc “Sail” Towerama (Sorry no Parrot photos today)

It’s a couple of sails, ornamental only. The body of the sails is made from hundreds of little polished copper discs that “shimmer” in the breeze. I see these kind of shiny and shimmery things quite often, but very difficult to show it off in a photo, perhaps I’ll venture into video later.

This towerama is four landscape photos stacked. Stitched with PTGui Pro.

Which leads me to the parrot part –

The parrot man had a beautiful mostly red parrot. I asked him if I could take a picture he said yes, then proceeded to give me some “schpeel” about how the parrot would stand on my head and my shoulders. WHY? I asked to take a picture of his parrot, not make friends with it. I let the guy talk, which eventually led to a request for money. This is where he and I parted company. First off I wanted a photo of him with his parrot, why the hell did you think I wanted a photo of myself with it. Second I didn’t like his approach, and he was quite rude when I indicated that I wasn’t going to pay. And thirdly I don’t have that much money, so sorry guys no parrot pics today.

Idiot pushy sales people make my blood boil at times with their childish manipulation tactics and pathetic trying to get meet to meet their needs. Presumably it must work on a lot of people or they wouldn’t bother ?

I’ve seen him before, so next time I will just photograph him and his parrot, to hell with the “consequences” and being polite enough to ask. Sail Towerama PTGui Sail Towerama PTGui

(c) Don Charisma, photo taken in Thailand, 2013

4 thoughts on “Copper Disc “Sail” Towerama (Sorry no Parrot photos today)

  1. I can see the shimmering from the different tones of light on the sail. It’s a good photo.

    That parrot man is a cheater, for sure. Too bad you ran into him. I feel so sorry for the parrot too. I don’t think the man treats the bird with much mercy.

    1. Thanks man, challenging to capture something beautiful, but gradually I’m learning the skills and tools 🙂

      I think my girlfriend would probably say “He’s working”, which means that he’s just trying to earn a living. I’m guessing with a huge parrot in a tourist destination he can probably earn a basic living from charging for photos, so that’s what he’s up to. However the level of rudeness, is beyond what I’m prepared to accept, it’s not funny or clever, and puts him as someone outside my friend zone. Maybe that’s what he wants, and certainly what I want !

      And yes do feel sorry for the parrot being “whored” out and not being free in the jungle, but destinies aren’t always “perfect”, often happiness can come from accepting things the way they are.

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