Twin Towers Towerama 2 - PTGui-(3w-x-4h-L-HDR)

Twin Towerama

These two towers are close by to where I live. They make an impressive mark on the skyline. Without doing a panorama, or towerama as I call it, it’s virtually impossible to get a good “angle” to photograph them from.

There were actually 24 photos taken, 12 x HDR and 12 x non-HDR, 3 wide by 4 high Landscape. iPhone 4s photos are 8 megapixels. The towerama was stitched with PTGui Pro.

Both toweramas use “vedutismo” projection, which is the one I use most commonly, because photos look more “right” or “true” and I get maximum usable photo space on the finished panorama.

The first photo only uses the 12 HDR images, and is more “true to life” (master 117 megapixels) : Twin Towers Towerama 2 - PTGui-(3w-x-4h-L-HDR) Twin Towers Towerama 2 – PTGui-(3w-x-4h-L-HDR)

The second photo uses all 24 images (master 79 megapixels), and a bird has managed to get in shot : Twin Towers Towerama - PTGui-(3w-x-4h-x-2-L) Twin Towers Towerama – PTGui-(3w-x-4h-x-2-L)

(c) Don Charisma, taken in Thailand Nov-2013

21 thoughts on “Twin Towerama

  1. The second one is stunning with more contrast and more interesting structure: one standing out in the foreground the other receding a bit. Twin doesn’t always mean identical. 😉

    1. Thanks. In real like they are identical in size and shape … I was pleased with the first photo as it gives a good impression of the real angles, whereas the second one has got the “fisheye” curve, but it seems that a lot of people like the second one, so maybe I shouldn’t worry about it in the future !

      1. You are never boring! BTW..thanks for following my blog! 😀 I don’t know if you realized it, but you followed my 52-week challenge blog not my regular blog.

    1. The first one is kind of “truer” perspective, but I liked the second one (which was actually the first) as well … what kind of “issues” you reckon the bird is having LOL ?

      1. LOL, I kinda like him, I double taked when I saw him in the shot, occasionally I get a bird in shot … you’d have me clone tool him out or change his angle so he looks like he’s flying ?

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