Loy Catong Beach Panorama-PTGui (3w-x-1h-P)

Charisma Break after Loy Catong Festival

I’ve been flat out for a couple of weeks and need to slow the pace and recharge the batteries a little bit, so won’t be posting as much for a few days. A Charisma break:)

Loy Catong festival was enjoyable, relaxing laid back party, got nearly 300 photos. It will take me a while to edit and figure out how to get the best from iPhone night shots.

“Loy” mean float, well float away. And “Catong” is a little boat, well really a floating decoration with flowers, incense and a candle. So “Loy Catong” means floating away the little decorative boat. It also has a spiritual meaning, people pray for happiness and luck in their lives and the “Catong” is a symbol and part of their “ritual”.

Here’s a panorama of the beach during Loy Catong , the little specks of light are the sky lanterns : Loy Catong Beach Panorama-PTGui (3w-x-1h-P) Loy Catong Beach Panorama-PTGui (3w-x-1h-P)

Photo (c) Don Charisma, taken Thailand, Nov-2013

23 thoughts on “Charisma Break after Loy Catong Festival

  1. Hey don’t stay away too long DC!! I have some exciting news to share in December and its thanks to your advise about always promoting! Enjoyed your recent photos , hope you have a lot of fun organising them. I tend to get distracted after loading them on the PC. I have a few ‘blurb’ books started lol . :)) Rest up and rejuvenate

  2. So pretty. It would have been wonderful to see.
    My boss was showing me photos of little floating flowers and candles they made to put in the water on one of their cave kayaking trips in Thailand. It looked so pretty on such a small scale. It would have looked magnificent on such a large scale.

    1. Unfortunately the wind blows out the candles on the sea, why they didn’t use shorter candles I dont know … and it’s dark … have some photos will post when I get done editing …

  3. Good morning from CA Don and what beautiful shots you took. It is interesting learning the meaning & symbolism of the Loy Catong in Thailand.
    I look forward to seeing more photos & reading more.
    It is good you are rechaging your battery. That was in something I wrote recently about how we treat our cars better than ourselves.
    Looks like you took it to heart.

    Paulette L. Motzko

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