Beautiful Flowering Creeper Bush

Beautiful Flowering “Creeper” Bush, My first HDR Panorama

Occasionally I walk past a mass of greenery and colour and think wouldn’t it be nice to take a picture of that. Well today I did, in fact two pictures in HDR which I stitched together using PTGui Pro.

Taken on iPhone 4s, two photos portrait 2w x 1h. The master panorama is 14 megapixels before crop. Beautiful Flowering Creeper Bush Beautiful Flowering Creeper Bush

Taken on my daily constitutional beach walk, Thailand Nov-2013

16 thoughts on “Beautiful Flowering “Creeper” Bush, My first HDR Panorama

  1. Beautiful photos. Wish I could stitch them together that well, but have what my photo prof. calls a “crooked” eye, meaning I don’t line things up just right.

    1. Thanks, that’ll be similar to “tone deaf” and “colour blind”, to which I say horse shit or cow poo (BS), and figure out how to do things anyway … for stitching the software does the work, really, it’s mostly about minor adjustments … but there was/is a learning curve, which I just persist until something works or get pissed off when it doesn’t LOL

      1. Guess I need to update my Photoshop and keep trying. Used to be able to do anything I wanted to do with it, but haven’t kept up lately. My bad. Not “color blind” just blind in one eye, so that could be part of the problem. If I shut the other one I’m blind in both LOL

    1. You are welcome, Saturday is the laid back one ?

      Could well be bougainvillea, I’ll take a closer look at the flowers when I pass again and compare with internet 🙂 DC

  2. very pretty, bougainvillea, I think, can’t really tell, but they come in a mass of different colours and look best all wild as per your photo 🙂

      1. A lot of people class them as weeds because they grow anywhere and everywhere, but I love them, there are so many colours, I can name the really common plants but not much else 🙂

      2. I’m fairly good with English plants could name quite a few, but overseas I’m lost … Sometimes this kind of thing just catches my eye and think it’d make a nice photo to share, so out comes the iphone … I’m just doing a panorama of big sky we had here this evening … warm regards DC

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