, Don Charisma, Tomato Pasta BEFORE

Tomato Pasta Cooked to PERFECTION!

I finally got round to cooking my own tomato pasta that I wrote about back in October.

You can read about it here:

Well not quite true, the sauce was frozen from last time I cooked it, and my girlfriend who I’ve taught the “secret” of pasta fusion put it all together … I did grate the Parmesan Cheese:)

Lovely pasta with the sauce fused right in, and plenty of Reggiano Parmigiano, buon appetito

This is before I ate it :, Don Charisma, Tomato Pasta BEFORE Tomato Pasta BEFORE

It was delicious … And this is after :, Don Charisma, Tomato Pasta AFTER Tomato Pasta AFTER

Pasta anyone ?

16 thoughts on “Tomato Pasta Cooked to PERFECTION!

  1. I made some spaghetti using your method. Wonderful, but my attention strayed for a moment and my kitchen ceiling now has some sauce I can’t get to still painting it. Who knows, I could be the latest Picasso incognito.

    BTW, did you lick the plate or just use bread to soak up all that sauce? I’m betting you licked it. Have a good one bro.

    1. LOL, one has to watch out for too much oil in the sauce, i find that spatters everywhere … good luck cleaning ceiling:)

      I didn’t use bread or licking, just skillful use of a fork … add the after picture in for humour, because I see so many people taking before pictures, but any after pics:)

      Sounds like you’re on top form, good to hear:);)


    1. LOL, there was a little humour in that, I see a lot of people take a photo of the before and never the after !

      Great food I thoroughly enjoyed Modena and Sardinia, Italian Pizza is just too good to be true:)

      Thx for msg


  2. We Italians are a bit fussy about our pasta texture and readiness! (I am full blooded second generation Italian American)

    1. Hey, fussy is good, I think Italians have a great sense of taste for food. I could happily live on Pizza and Pasta almost indefinitely !

      You should read my recipe, the link is in the post:)

      Warm regards


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