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Where did you say you were from?

Very well put together article Lisa, I can see how this directly affects you … telling lies to get work and then not being able to do the job is something that’s fundamentally wrong and tantamount to fraud …

Lisa A. Martin - Freelance science copywriter/editor

Although I haven’t actually used the site for a long time, I am still signed up to receive’s project notification emails, which contain a summary of all jobs recently posted in my categories (writing and editing). I don’t often get time to sift through these project alerts (99% of the projects are a load of crap and I have better things to do with my time, quite frankly!) but sometimes, particularly when I am in need of a good laugh to cheer me up, I will have a look at who is posting what, and in particular, who is actually bidding on these ridiculous projects.

In checking out the profiles of my ‘rival’ freelancers, I started to notice a few patterns forming. I should have known really…on a site where pretty much every writing project listed is badly written, under paid, an outright scam or a  complete joke, it…

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7 thoughts on “Where did you say you were from?

  1. I, too, joined Freelancer and discovered most jobs pay a teeny fraction of what I normally charge. I was surprised that so many writers were bidding on these puny assignments. Just like your previous post ‘I Make Money Online …’ this verifies that there are scams everywhere.

    1. Hi, I’ve looked at the freelancer sites to sell some of my IT/web skills and was put off by the amount of people that will work for virtually nothing and also the amount of people that will post a job like “it’s only a couple of lines of code, shouldn’t take more than 15 minutes to do” and bid like $5 … two things spring to mind, 1. if it’s so easy then do it yourself and 2. nothing just takes 15 minutes there will be a raft of admin, emails etc to do around it so on and so forth …

      I have some plans to do some freelance work, but priority at the moment is getting my skills up to date for what I want to do, which at the moment seems likely in the SEO/web dev/wed design/marketing end of things.

      I reblogged the expose on freelancer site becuase I was fairly sure this kind of thing was going on. Problem is that there’s a minimum that freelancer can work for at in any given country, Uk for instance minmum wage must be like £7 an hour now, so working for £0.50 an hour just isn’t viable proposition considering cost of living in UK, where it might be a viable proposition in India or Pakistan or whereever …

      Also seems that scammers are now involved, which could end up giving honest freelancers a bad name.

      I used to work in IT in London, and the job that I really enjoyed was outsourced to India. It’s great that “3rd” world countries are getting opportunities don’t get me wrong, but the flipside is that many 100,000s of jobs have been lost in western countries and at the moment I don’t how they are going to get that prosperity back.

      Anyway, I hope you can find income, it’s not easy times for western people at the moment, so have to work harder and think smarter 🙂

  2. so you are one special girl , and I agree but hon why are you looking for validation? You truly do not have to you are wonderful as you are and I need you!

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