29 thoughts on “Get Truely unlimited WiFi from @TRUEWIFI in Thailand for 107 baht per month

  1. Hi Don, great article! I’m thinking of doing this, but just wanted to confirm with you whether it is still working with True wifi now in 2017?

    1. Hi Marvin,

      Yes, it’s still working, and I moved home once. I’m currently using encrypted connection to APs (802.11n / 2.4GHz), settings – (“WPA2-AES”, “EAP”, “EAP-PEAP”, “MSCHAPV2”, email whatever you want, username your phone number, password the password truemove give you) … encrypted connection has slightly lower signal strength and is usually slightly slower, but I feel it’s worth it for being more secure. Also, encrypted connection negates the need to have a script to keep logging back in.

      Also I recommend checking out what access points are near you on both 2.4GHZ (802.11bgn) and 5GHZ (802.11an and 802.11ac) before deciding on purchase of hardware. Mostly I found my local access points are 2.4GHz 802.11b or n … if you’re lucky enough to have 5GHz APs locally, then I found the 5GHz wifi spectrum quieter, so may be faster and more reliable, and work with a weaker signal. Dunno whether Truemove will make 5GHz 802.11ac access points, as this is relatively new technology for Thailand.

      Also look very seriously at Nanobeam M2 / M5 (more sensitive receive antenna than Nanostation) … and maybe AC if you have local AC access points.

      Ubiquiti also do Litebeam, Powerbeam, airGrid … but all of those are larger in physical size and less “discrete”.

      Also recommend looking up the current “unofficial” “compliance test” setting of your equipment, which enables higher TX power setting. It’s fairly simple with ssh server enabled, log into the nanostation, touch a file and write the file to flash memory … Without ct mode, you may find that connection cant be established …

      Oh, and lastly, do experiment with “Alternative” “Data rate module” vs “Default”, as this may improve connection in noisy environment. I think the Alternative setting is more conservative on speed of connection and therefore perhaps more reliable, where default seems to choose faster data rates which can be less reliable. Watch the Transmit CCQ figure, if it falls below around 60-70%, then connection will suffer. A poor CCQ is a good time to try the alternative data rate module.

      Very lastly, do switch off your Nanostation when aiming it, as I don’t think the radio waves are good for your body. Well at least be quick about it and have your hands/body close to it for the minimum amount of time whilst it’s on. Literature recommends being at least 1m away from it.


      1. Hi Marvin,

        Sorry, I just realised you were asking a different question … and it’s still a yes, the same wifi package is still available …

      2. Hi Marvin,

        I switched over to dedicated line, so haven’t used in a while. From what I understand, yes it is still available. Do some googling for current details, some of the details may have changed.



  2. Hello Don,

    I’m using true wifi already and trying to get signal in my room.

    I noticed you’re using a Ubiquiti Nanostation M2 already. I assume it’s a regular CPE.

    My question is “can I use any CPE to get the true wifi signal into my room?”

    By the way, I tried my old wifi router, use repeater mode, but not successful.

    Thank you for your help in advance,

  3. hello there …first thx 4 these information . i also buy this special offer but my problme is i am not very good in internet and connections .

    do i have to download APP to get in contact with true move ? coz when i am not online my wifi finder is not working .

    so do i need a APP and where do i get it .

    maybe stupid questions but i am new in that ,,business,,

    thx 4 help …..and all the best

    1. No APP that I’m aware of … the WIFI monthly package just connect with telephone number eg 0897123456 and password eg 1234 that truemove send you when you register … on iphone you can see truemove wifi access points with settings -> wifi

  4. EXACTLY what I was looking for… Thank you sir! Found a nice cheap apartment but there is no WIFI. Need a cheap solution.

  5. Thanks for the detailed article. Do you happen to know if its possible to download using torrents with this service without being cut off? My present ISP blocks all torrent sites and software.

    1. In short yes. You’d probably need to buy a single SIM card for True network, then topup and register for the Wifi service as described here. Provided you can see the @TRUEWIFI access point and connect, then you’d be good to go.



  6. Thanks for this Don, I moved house last week and tot told me 10 days to move my internet connection over so I was resigned to having no internet at home for a couple of weeks until I noticed the True WIFI box on the telegraph pole in my front garden. I tried for a couple of days to work out how to connect to it even sent the missus down to the True shop. I would still be trying to figure it out if I had not come across your article!!!!

    Thanks Again

    1. Hey Jay, that’s awesome … I’m using it as my main internet connection, have been now for a year or so … I had already a Ubiquiti Nanostation M2 which provides a reliable connection, and I’ve put a custom script on my router that automatically logs me in … nice:)

      The truemove connections are everywhere and very useful for wifi on the move … In Bangkok I believe they have super-fast 100 mbps connections, same thing, but I’m not in Bangkok …

      Warm regards


      1. Hello Don,

        I’m using true wifi already and trying to get signal in my room.

        I noticed you’re using a Ubiquiti Nanostation M2 already. I assume it’s a regular CPE.

        My question is “can I use any CPE to get the true wifi signal into my room?”

        By the way, I tried my old wifi router, use repeater mode, but not successful.

        Thank you for your help in advance,

  7. Hi Don,

    I would like to go around BKK with Skype sending video of what i see to my friends in the USA and Europe. How good a connection can I expect with the 107 baht package.

    Kind regards,

    1. Hi Mike, there are too many variables to consider in the equation. The Truemove wifi access points are dotted around the city, would depend on your equipment, and how many other people trying to use the access point at the same time. I get around 12Mbps download and 2Mbps at off peak times, which is good for an internet connection. In Bangkok they also have high speed connections on the same service that will do 100Mbps.

      If you want to do video live on the move then you’d need a 3G internet package, true, dtac, ais all do such packages for around £20 UK money you’d get around 5GB of data … best to remember to switch off your data on your phone when you’re not using it.



  8. Don’t forget to topup to 700-800 baht so you can activate the “Unlimited” 3G internet package, 2GB with highspeed internet, then lower speed, maybe only Edge, for one month. The name of this deal is something like iSmart 699, referring to that it costs 699 for one month. Last year, they knew how to do this at 7-11, but according to my wife, you need to go to one of the True shops, then they will fix it for you. However I am sure you just need to activate everything with one of those many codes on the format *900*something#, I once saw a table with these codes, but don’t remember where right now. Additionally, you get plenty of minutes calling time, too, however you of course want to use the data for Viber, Skype etc, and use wifi wherever you can, to save 3G data use, save battery and get (usually) better speed. My confirmation text message from True Mobile, btw said *900*1269# to activate free wifi.

    1. Thanks thomas for the information, it’s all out there on the internet, however it seems that Thais don’t really like foreigners getting good deals, well not without being able to read Thai … So I found the offers are generally on a picture file in Thai language, so can’t even be babelfished or translated automatically … a bit frustrating, but eventually figured it out …

      For me personally I don’t use 3G internet on my phone when I’m out and all overseas calls I make on Skype, local (thailand) calls aren’t expensive without a package so the 107 baht for unlimited free wifi is ideal for me. If I need the 3G for whatever reason, I buy a DTAC happy simcard which comes with free 3G internet for 1-2days for 49 baht …

      Keep in touch


      Don Charisma

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