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Pretty “Pictures”, Silverlake Vinyard

by on January 22, 2014

I made a visit a Thai vineyard – “Silverlake”. It’s a bit of tourist attraction, mainly with Thai people as visitors, very popular actually. There’s lots to see there, I will publish the rest of the photos as and when I get time.

Thai culture can be a little different. And this is no exception. The “picture frames” one can stand behind and have one’s picture taken.

The Thai lady and her son (?) are just incredibly photogenic, I really love the way these photos turned out. I thanked them including the father (who’s standing next to me when I’m taking these photos). They smiled, so all OK.

Photos taken in Thailand (c) Don Charisma 2014

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  1. Well I just love this, both for the visuals but for the wordplay as well. Talk about “being framed” for a crime – – must happen all the time there. Any country that plays “The Frame Game” is alright with me. How fun. Thank you for following me so I could retrace the breadcrumbs back to this wondrous blog. I can just tell it is bursting with riches!

    • Hey Stephanie, thank you for your very thoughtful comment … I just loved the loving smile on the lady’s face, it’s very lovely :)

      Do keep in touch,

      warm regards


  2. really cool picture frames – like they are hanging in mid – air! Glad you shared them here… :)

  3. OMG I love these pictures they’re beautiful!!!!!

  4. What a cool idea! The lady and her child really look good, I like the idea of the little picture frames b y themselves as well. They would be great in a home garden as well. Thank you for following my blog, I truly appreciate the compliment.

  5. Reblogueó esto en ojoss's Blog.

  6. These vignettes are totally adorable. Great shots. Thanks for sharing this bit of whimsy and giving me a big grin.

    • Hey Leslie, you are very welcome, I love my photography and it’s icing on the cake when others like it too :)

  7. Anup Ekka permalink


  8. Just wonderful.

  9. Thai people are beautiful :)

  10. I love the photo frame idea. So cute. :)

  11. I love this, such a great idea and photos to go with! Great work :)

    • Thanks Mike, I got very lucky with these … generally if there’s something I want to take a picture and people posing I just take the photo anyway …

  12. These are so full of life. Love this, DC. A lot.

  13. Good! Nice two… emh… the four of them :-)

  14. The frame is clever but talk about prop overload!!! Imagine trying to squeeze a family of 6 into a photo with the bikes and other props blocking out people?

    The family were good sports too for letting you photograph them!

    • LOL, yes it’s quite funny to see what the thais like, and family of 6, might be possible !

      Generally I find Thais friendly and will let you take their picture aren’t shy or afraid about it like a lot of white folks … different culture :)

      Hope all is well.



  15. Nice and funny photos. Well done Don.

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