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Sky Lantern Man, Loy Catong Festival

by on January 20, 2014 Sky Lantern Man - Loy Catong Festival

Here’s a really nice photo of this man just releasing a sky lantern into the heavens to join it’s many friends.

This one is a single photo, edited a little in Photoshop CS6 to bring out the colours. Sky Lantern Man - Loy Catong Festival Sky Lantern Man – Loy Catong Festival

Photos (c) Don Charisma 2013, taken in Thailand

  1. It must truly amazing to have experience Loi Krathong. Your posts makes me miss Thailand a lot. There’s still too many places I wanted to visit there. One of them is Chiang Mai. Keep posting more =)

    • It’s an awesome place, thoroughly enjoying my time :) And there’s many more to come :D warm regards DC

  2. I really want to go to an event like this someday. It looks fun!

    • I had a nice relaxing time, I posted about it earlier, november last year I think … It’s a big deal for the thais, a big party for them, similar to Christmas or thanksgiving I guess …


  4. You’ve caught a magical moment.

  5. Wow, they’re huge! Much larger than I thought. I’d love to see those released.

    • They do vary in size Laura, probably it’ll be a cost thing, I even saw some that were bigger, and of course some that were smaller :) Save up your pennies and come to tailand during loy catong or another festival and you’d see many !

      • We were supposed to go to asia next year but we may have to move instead. Thailand was on the list. If we don’t end up buying a new house, we’ll still go.

      • Ah yes, house buying is expensive, and better to put your money into getting the best you can now. Thailand got some political troubles, but hopefully that should be sorted in a few months.

  6. Very cool photo. Thanks for following our blog recently, I hope you ‘stick’ with us!

  7. Looks like a wonderful occasion ~

  8. beautiful. I’ve always wanted to see these up close

  9. Nice photo. Thanks for sharing. Interesting to learn about other cultures too.

  10. Very nice picture :-)

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